4 Tips To Find Your Perfect Wedding Make-Up Artist

4 Tips To Find Your Perfect Wedding Make-Up Artist

4 tips to find your perfect wedding make-up artist. Congratulations your date is set, your venue is booked! Now it’s time to start the search for your perfect bridal make-up artist. For many brides to be this can be a little overwhelming, the following tips will help you..

Fiona Harrison Dublin Wedding Make-Up Artist Applying Lipstick

Research, research, research

A great place to start is to ask for referrals – friends, family, co-workers even your venue. Then of course Google, Instagram and Facebook. Online Wedding Supplier Books like One Fab Day that list a carefully curated selection of vendors are a great resource.  Grab a coffee and take your time browsing through portfolios on make-up artists websites and socials. Look for images that resonate with your own style and your vision for your big day. Also look for images that show the artist’s ability to work with different ages, eye shapes, skin tones etc. Your bridal party are not all going to look exactly the same so the makeup cannot be ‘one size fits all’.  Be aware of filters, edited images, professional lighting – everyone looks amazing with a ring light in front of their face! Also it’s worth bearing in mind the artists location relevant to your venue. Travel fees, longer distances might even require an overnight – both of which will impact your package costs.

Consider your desired level of service

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. No matter how intimate or extravagant the day you choose, it should be a magical one filled with memories that you will cherish forever. Things to consider are – how long has the artist been in business? How experienced are they with bridal make-up? (a wedding morning is very different to TV, editorial work etc) Do take time to read reviews on Google and other platforms. I recommend looking for artists that are experienced in bridal make-up AND also passionate about delivering the best experience to their brides.  For me that experience starts with the response to your initial enquiry. I recommend you schedule a call with any artist you are considering booking.  A quick chat can give you a real sense of your make-up artists personality, how you will get along and most importantly how they will look after you.

Hygiene and sanitation practices

It’s not glam or romantic but needs to be addressed. You would expect that you could trust a professional to take 100% care in this department. I’ve been doing this a long time and unfortunately I’m still hearing of some really disgusting things still happening. Using the same brushes on the whole wedding party, dirty kits, double dipping products are unacceptable. This is not only gross, it’s dangerous – think cold sores, pink eye and lots of other nasty things you don’t want. I encourage you to ask about your artist about hygiene standards. And definitely never let anyone touch your face with a used make-up brush!

Fiona Harrison Dublin Make-Up Artist Bridal Party PrepDon’t choose your makeup artist based on price alone

There is no doubt that wedding expenses can add up quickly and budgets are not infinite.When it comes to purchasing services, it can be comparing apples with oranges, you really can’t compare make-up artists based on price alone. How much you pay for your bridal makeup will depend on the make-up artists experience, their level of service, the quality of the products in their kit, the market you’re getting married in and how in-demand your chosen make-up artist is. Remember that your wedding make-up is not just for your wedding day. You’ll be looking at it for a lifetime in your photos and the memories of a gorgeous wedding morning where you are pampered and looked after will last forever.


I hope you found these 4 tips to find your perfect wedding makeup artist helpful.


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