Crystal Collagen Gold Hyaluronic Eye Masks (Pack of 10)

Crystal Collagen Gold Hyaluronic Eye Masks (Pack of 10)


Collagen Gold Hyaluronic Eye Masks – 10 Pairs



Reduce fine lines, dark circles and signs of fatigue with these luxurious Collagen filled eyes masks.  Packed with all natural powerful ingredients to boost your collagen production and speed up cell renewal, they will help improve elasticity and firmness giving you brighter, youthful and glowing eyes.

The plant collagen is extracted from natural cactus,  providing the most fabulous rich dense collagen that absorbs quickly and easily. This is combined with a cocktail of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Pro Vitamin B5 and purified water to permeate deeply and deliver the nutrients without stickiness, giving a gorgeous immediate lifted and soothed sensation.



Pop under the eye area onto cleansed skin. You’ll instantly feel the active nutrients and moisture soak from the masks plumping and nourishing your skin. You’ll be able to tell that the ingredients are fully absorbed as they visibly leave the masks while delivering targeted hydration.  Use as part of your weekly masking routine, before make-up application or simply when you need a pick me up! Store in the fridge to boost the cooling effect.



The main ingredients in these eye patches is collagen, vitamin c, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, pro vitamin B5, purified water. Chemical and paraben free. The absorption rate of these eye masks are 98%